03-20-15 Commission Meeting Index

Item Name LSE TYPE Location Improvements W.O. PRC Number Non-PRC# County Lease Status
C01 CSLC Amend Comprehensive Delegation of Authority to rescind the delegation to EO to serve as the delegate and authorize EO to determine whether a dredging lease on granted public trust lands is necessary pursuant to P.R.C. section 6707, subdivision (d), as added by Statutes 2013, Chapter 104, section 3 Statewide
02 Tesoro Refining & Marketing Company LLC GL-IND Carquinez Strait near the city of Martinez Certify Final EIR (SCH 2014042013); adoption of Findings, Statement of Overriding Considerations and Mitigation Monitoring Program; marine oil terminal wharf, periodic maintenance dredging, and Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards compliance-related renovations PRC 3454 Contra Costa New Lease