08-09-16 Commission Meeting Agenda

Item Name LSE TYPE Location Improvements W.O. PRC Number Non-PRC# County Lease Status
EO Rpt Ronald R. Rott, Trustee GL-REC+PS Sacramento River, adjacent to 4145 Garden Highway, near the city of Sacramento uncovered floating boat dock, stairs, two deadman and cables, gangway and bank protection PRC 6088 Sacramento Rent Review
C01 City of Petaluma GL-PA Petaluma River, at the Petaluma River Turning Basin, city of Petaluma two uncovered floating boat docks and three gangways; a platform, ramp, gangway, and utility conduits to accommodate electric and water lines; and extension of one uncovered floating boat dock, eight pilings, and a floathouse PRC 5607 Sonoma Termination and New Lease
C02 David Michael Lancisi and Janine Lancisi GL-REC Donner Lake, adjacent to 14106 South Shore Drive, near the town of Truckee pier PRC 7851 Nevada New Lease
C03 Feather River Recreation and Park District GL-PA Feather River, adjacent to a public park, known as Riverbend Park, near the city of Oroville public park and associated facilities, consisting of bike paths and jogging trails; a boat dock, launching ramp, parking lot, disc golf course, four covered pavilions with barbecues, three multi-use fields, three kiosks with cement picnic tables, sitting benches, restrooms, exercise stations, children’s play structures, and a seasonal water play feature PRC 6751 Butte New Lease
C04 Jan Cohn Stearns and Esther Marion Stearns, Trustees GL-Rec Donner Lake, adjacent to 14722 South Shore Drive, near the town of Truckee pier and boat lift W 26943 PRC 9348 Nevada Initialized
C05 Sutter Butte Flood Control Agency GL-PA Feather River, near the city of Gridley rock slope protection W 26988 PRC 9349 Butte Initialized
C06 Michael E. Raney, Trustee GL-REC Lake Tahoe, adjacent to 7701 State Highway 89, Meeks Bay pier and two mooring buoys, marine rail, and three freshwater intake pipelines PRC 4266 El Dorado New Lease
C07 John V. Bautista GL-REC Lake Tahoe, adjacent to 628 Olympic Drive, near Tahoe City two mooring buoys PRC 9326 Placer Assignment
C08 Linda County Water District GL-PA filled sovereign land in the historic bed of the Feather River, adjacent to 909 Myrna Avenue, near Olivehurst 18-inch diameter effluent pipeline, a 30-inch-diameter effluent pipeline evaporation/percolation pond, inlet effluent pipeline to evaporation/percolation pond, and roads; a 30-inch-diameter effluent pipeline replacing the existing 18-inch-diameter effluent pipeline and a 14-inch-diameter temporary bypass effluent pipeline PRC 5292 Sutter
Termination and New Lease
C09 City of Marysville GL-PA Feather River and filled sovereign land in the historic bed of the Yuba River, in the city of Marysville sewage treatment facilities, a 30-inch-diameter effluent pipeline, a 12-inch-diameter effluent pipeline, a 36-inch-diameter effluent pipeline, and evaporation/percolation ponds; a 18-inch-diameter effluent pipeline replacing the existing 12-inch-diameter effluent pipeline, sleeve (slip-line) a 36-inch-diameter effluent pipeline with a 18-

inch-diameter effluent pipeline, and a 18-inch-diameter temporary bypass effluent pipeline; and an inactive 30-inch-diameter effluent pipeline, evaporation/percolation ponds, and portions of the sewage treatment facilities
PRC 5543 Yuba Termination and New Lease
C10 U.S. Bureau of Reclamation GL-PA Sacramento River, near the city of Redding clean gravel for the rehabilitation and restoration of King Salmon and winter-run Chinook Salmon spawning grounds; dredging; creation of nearshore benches PRC 5482 Shasta
C11 Christopher Charles Schimunek and Brigilin Robante Schimunek, Trustees GL-REC+PS Georgiana Slough, adjacent to 401 West Willow Tree Lane, near the city of Isleton uncovered double-berth U-shaped floating boat dock with boat lift, floating boat dock, gangway with railings, eight pilings, and electric and water utility outlets, and bank protection PRC 5159 Sacramento Assignment
C12 John H. and Grayce A. Broughton GL-REC+PS Steamboat Slough, adjacent to 3427 Snug Harbor, on Ryer Island, near Walnut Grove uncovered floating boat dock, deck, pilings, ramp, and bank protection PRC 6503 Solano Renewal
C13 2101-2603 Wilbur LLC GL-IND San Joaquin River, adjacent to 2301 Wilbur Road, near the city of Antioch, and West Island non-operational maintenance pier, two dolphins, a 42-inch-diameter water intake pipeline, one 18-inch and one 26-inch-diameter discharge pipeline and diffusers, and a 36-inch-diameter effluent pipeline PRC 4813 Contra Costa
Rescission, Assignment and Amendment
C14 2101-2603 Wilbur LLC GL-IND San Joaquin River, adjacent to 2301 Wilbur Road, near the city of Antioch non-operational industrial pier, two five-pile dolphins, a maintenance pier, water intake pipeline, electrical substation, storm water outfall, instrumentation shed, three day beacons, and surge basin PRC 1546 Contra Costa Rescission, Assignment and Amendment
C15 Burlingame Bay LLC GL-COM filled and partially filled tidelands in San Francisco Bay, adjacent to the Sanchez Channel and Burlingame Lagoon, Burlingame segment of the San Francisco Bay Trail, including landscaping, paved walkways, bike paths, viewing areas, benches, trash containers, and commercial parking PRC 6127 San Mateo Amendment
C16 Burlingame Bay Park Hotel LLC GL-Rec+PS San Francisco Bay, city of Burlingame maintenance of site and information collection W 26981     San Mateo Pulled
C17 City of Sacramento GL-PA Sacramento River in Old Sacramento, between the I Street bridge and Tower bridge, city of Sacramento Lease:  docks, walkways, access ramps, floating vessels and any other structure necessary or appurtenant to the development of the lease premises and for the mooring of vessels consistent with the Lessee's approved Docks Master Plan; Sublease:  operating and conducting a full service restaurant and cocktail lounge, Rio City Cafe, together with ancillary uses PRC 7001 Sacramento Assignment
C18 City of Modesto GL-PA crossing the current channel of the San Joaquin River and the possible historic channel of the river, city of Modesto a recycled-water conveyance pipeline W 26959 PRC 9350 Stanislaus Initialized
C19 Tuolumne River Conservancy, Inc., a California Nonprofit Corporation GL-Other Tuolumne River channel and floodplain at Bobcat Flat, approximately five river miles west of the community of La Grange near River Mile 43 restoration and rehabilitation of the bed of the Tuolumne River channel and associated floodplain to improve wildlife and aquatic habitat PRC 8609 Stanislaus New Lease
C20 Douglas Hanford and David Casella GL-REC Tomales Bay, adjacent to 19225 State Route 1, near the town of Marshall one mooring buoy W 26973 PRC 9351 Marin Initialized
C21 Frank G. Stathos GL-REC+PS Sacramento River, adjacent to 961 Piedmont Drive near the city of Sacramento boathouse with boat lift, floating boat dock, gangway, two pilings, two-pile dolphin and bank protection PRC 8534 Sacramento Renewal
C22 James Blair GL-REC Tomales Bay, adjacent to 19225 State Route 1, near the town of Marshall one mooring buoy W 26970 PRC 9352 Marin Initialized
C23 Joan E. Carlson and Mark Ropers GL-REC Tomales Bay, adjacent to 18555 State Route 1, near the town of Marshall one mooring buoy W 26975 PRC 9353 Marin Initialized
C24 Lorca Rossman GL-REC Tomales Bay, adjacent to 18255 State Route 1, near the town of Marshall one mooring buoy W 26972 PRC 9354 Marin Initialized
C25 Mark Bartolini and Varian Bartolini GL-REC Tomales Bay, adjacent to 178 Camino Del Mar, near the town of Inverness one mooring buoy W 26971 PRC 9355 Marin Initialized
C26 Steven Schwanke and Barbara Schwanke, as Trustee GL-REC Tomales Bay, adjacent to 22665 State Route 1, near the town of Marshall one mooring buoy W 26974 PRC 9356 Marin Initialized
C27 Central California Irrigation District GL-PA San Joaquin River, near the city of Dos Palos 36-inch-diameter reinforced concrete water pipeline W 26956 PRC 9357 Fresno
C28 City of Seal Beach GL-PA Pacific Ocean, city of Seal Beach pier with a lifeguard tower, 750-foot long concrete sheet pile groin, maintenance building, storage building, restaurant, public restroom, picnic area, raised planter areas with retaining walls, three parking lots, and a tot lot with a perimeter wall; a seasonal flood control berm to prevent beach run-up during winter months; beach nourishment; and seasonal temporary lifeguard stations PRC 3792 Orange Renewal and Subleases
C29 San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust, Inc. GL-Other below the ordinary low water mark in the San Joaquin River, between Friant Dam and the confluence of the Merced River removal of non-native, invasive exotic plants and native plant revegetation PRC 8162 Fresno
C30 Thomas R. Burman and Bari Dreiband Burman, Trustees PL-PS Pacific Ocean, adjacent to 5297 Austin Road, city of Santa Barbara 120-foot long by 12-foot high seawall with a 9-foot long by 12-foot high return wall surfaced with a 3- to 6-inch concrete veneer PRC 5809 Santa Barbara Renewal
C31 Orange County Flood Control District GL-Dredging in the lower Santa Ana River in the city of Seal Beach, and deposition of dredged materials at a receiver site at North Beach in the city of San Clemente maintenance dredging W 26927 PRC 9358 Orange Initialized
C32 Bin Xu GL-REC Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16801 Bolero Lane, city of Huntington Beach boat dock, access ramp and cantilevered deck PRC 3859 Orange Correction
C33 Frank R. and Joanne C. Warren, Trustees GL-PS San Dieguito River, city of Del Mar; 3010 Sandy Lane rock riprap revetment   PRC 7899   San Diego Pulled
34 Margaret Ann Hohly, Trustee GL-Other Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16931 Bolero Lane, city of Huntington Beach boat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deck with enclosure, extending no more than five feet waterward of the bulkhead PRC 3244 Orange Deferred
C35 Marilyn M. Donovan, as Trustee GL-REC Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 3402 Gilbert Drive, city of Huntington Beach boat dock and access ramp PRC 3175 Orange New Lease
C36 Gilbert Island Property LLC, a California Limited Liability Company GL-REC Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16572 Somerset Lane, city of Huntington Beach boat dock, access ramp and cantilevered deck extending no more than 5 feet waterward of the bulkhead PRC 3168 Orange Termination and New Lease
C37 Robin A. Beeso GL-REC Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 3262 Gilbert Drive, city of Huntington Beach boat dock, access ramp and cantilevered deck extending no more than 5 feet waterward of the bulkhead PRC 3076 Orange Renewal
C38 California Resources Petroleum Corporation GL-R/W Pacific Ocean, near Emma Wood State Beach two non-operational 12-inch diameter seawater intake pipelines and one non-operational 12-inch diameter outfall pipeline PRC 3913 Ventura New Lease
C39 City of Reedley GL-PA Kings River at Manning Avenue, in the city of Reedley bridge with sewer and water main pipes, with internal utility conduits (Southern Cal Gas, Comcast, Verizon) and potential Abandonment In Place of existing piers and pilings PRC 8956 Fresno Rent Review
C40 Pacific Gas and Electric Company GL-Other Pacific Ocean adjacent to Diablo Canyon Power Plant four temporary and four long-term ocean bottom seismometers and an approximately 11.4-mile-long, two-inch diameter data/power transfer cable PRC 8985 San Luis Obispo Amendment
C41 Southern California Edison Company GL-Other Pacific Ocean, offshore San Clemente State Beach, near the city of San Clemente artificial kelp reef:  quarry rock and recycled concrete reef modules with attached kelp PRC 8097 Orange Rent Review
C42 City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power GL-PA sovereign land in the dry lake bed of Owens Lake, near the town of Keeler dust control measures using BACM's including managed vegetation, shallow flooding, and gravel; other improvements related to dust control PRC 8079 Inyo Amendment
C43 Bonneville Power Administration GL-R/W State-owned school land within a portion of Section 16 (Lot 4), T48N R6E, MDM, near the California-Oregon border unpaved access road W 26977 PRC 9359 Modoc Initialized
C44 Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. GL-R/W Indemnity school lands in Section 3, 10, 11 and 12, T26N R16E and Section 7, T26N R17E, MDM, near the community of Herlong overhead 120 Kv transmission line, two overhead 7.2 Kv distribution lines, one overhead 69 Kv transmission line, and a fiber optic communications line PRC 8945 Lassen Rent Review
C45 Green Diamond Resource Company GL-R/W State-owned lieu land within the northeast quarter of the northwest quarter of Section 28, T9N R3E, HBM, northwest of Hoopa unimproved logging road W 26987 PRC 9360 Humboldt Initialized
C46 University of California, Santa Barbara Geol / Geoph Survey Pmt tide and submerged lands within Permit Region II W 6005.167 PRC 9361 Santa Barbara Initialized
C47 San Joaquin County Public Works Department Geol Survey Pmt sovereign land in the North Fork Mokelumne River W 6005.168 PRC 9362 Sacramento
San Joaquin
C48 United States Geological Survey Geoph Survey Pmt Statewide Offshore, within Permit Regions I, II, III and IV PRC 8394 Statewide Coastal Offshore Renewal
C49 Ecosystems Management Associates, Inc. Geoph Survey Pmt Statewide Offshore, within Permit Regions I, II, III and IV PRC 8536 Statewide Coastal Offshore Renewal
C50 Island Energy Partners, LLC O&G Lease in the bed of Piper Slough; in the bed of False River, Serpent Slough and Short Slough PRC 7318
PRC 7657
Contra Costa Waive Penalty and Interest on Rent and Royalty
C51 Hi-Grade Materials Company Min Extraction Lse State fee-owned school land in Lots 10, 11 and 12, all within Section 30, T4N R1E, SBM, east of Victorville in a remote area of Lucerne Valley in the Mojave Desert PRC 8831 San Bernardino Renewal and Amendment
C52 Gildred Solar, LLC Other Auth Use approximately 280 acres of State 100 percent reserved mineral interest school lands, about 5 miles south of the community of Ocotillo Wells, in Section 36, T12S R8E, SBM W 40983 D PRC 9363 San Diego Initialized
C53 CSLC Adopt regulations to implement an enforcement and hearing process for the Marine Invasive Species Program W 9777.291
W 9777.234
C54 City of Sacramento, a municipal corporation, and the Redevelopment Agency Successor Agency Sacramento River, in Sacramento BLA to establish an agreed common boundary line between City owned properties, Redevelopment Agency Successor Agency owned properties and state sovereign lands W 26265
G 21-01
AD 660 Sacramento
55 CSLC Legislative report providing information and a status update concerning state legislation relevant to CSLC Statewide Informational
56 Broad Beach Geologic Hazard Abatement District GL-PS sovereign land in the Pacific Ocean, city of Malibu portions of rock revetment shoreline protective structures; relocation of portions of revetment along the eastern end; placement of up to 1,425,000 cubic yards of sand within the Lease Premises W 26420 PRC 9364 Los Angeles Initialized
57 Rincon Island Limited Partnership O&G Leases   Termination of Oil and Gas Leases   PRC 145
PRC 410
PRC 1466
  Ventura Pulled
58 CSLC Bolsa Chica wetlands, in the city of Huntington Beach Informational briefing on the Bolsa Chica Lowlands Restoration 10-year Anniversary Celebration and adopt resolution commemorating the Amigos de Bolsa Chich for 40 years of advocacy to restore and preserve the Bolsa Chica wetlands W 25306A Orange
59 Port of Los Angeles Informational update on the Port of Los Angeles' management of its granted public trust lands and resources G 05-04 Los Angeles Informational
60 Port of Long Beach Informational update on the Port of Long Beach community impact study and potential mitigation measures to address direct impacts of port-related operations on neighboring communities G 05-03 Los Angeles Informational
61 CSLC Adopt a Commission Tribal Consultation Policy Statewide